Custom Guitars By Tom Jackson

At Guitarshack i have been customizing and making guitars for more than 7 years now. I can do custom builds start to finish for as little as £300.00 This is only on solid bodie Guitars, I can re paint re finish your guitars all types of wood work and repair and restore. I also make pedals and custom wireing for Guitars pedals and amps.


Union Jack in gloss Black on ash body 
custom fit neck with pearlescent headstock and block inlays
standard stratocaster setup 
this job was £100.00

A Full Build made at Guitarshack By Tom _ The Gambler Rat Bass 
This Bass Is a Beast equiped with not one set but two sets of P bass pickups 
a 3 way switch and 2 volume and 2 tone pots. The neck is a maple neck very thin and slabby to fit the customers specs, The body is made from mahogany sprayed over with a sparkley vintage white the pick gaurd was also made on my bench.
when this was finished after a month of building we was blown away from the sound of this rat bass This job cost £500.00 


Fender Straguar I like to call. (Original neck)
This was a very fun build, the body was cut out of Alder to a jaguar spec and the pickgaurd custom made to fit for a very offset look the Steel volume plate was also made by myself. This guitar was one of the best ive done the playability and the sound of this guitar was amazing and the customer was super happy with it.cost of this job was £200.00

This Body was of a Fender Baja Telecaster,That i stripped back and re sprayed with a vintage style of paint called Nitrocellulose. I then put the guitar back together and the customer wanted it relicing with a full setup included.
this job only cost £150 

This Build was a refreshing one.This 1979 Fender Stratocaster in dire need of a new make up scheme.
This was painted with blue paint (house gloss paint) !
and glitter from a arts and crafts kit ?
so i stripped it back to the amazing 70s grain buffed it shiny and set up, this cost £70.00 

A Fender Telecaster a jimmy page tribute to his telecaster the whole project was hand drawn and painted set up and lacquered over 
Cost of this job was £100 and love 


Fender american Standard In a Lovely Shell pink This was just another spray job and setup.
Been used and recorded by andrew mellor.
its equiped with lace sensors and i moded the tone pots for treble bleed on/off switching, 
and outerphase on the bridge pickup
cost was £200 

one of my earliest spray jobs But there was more damage to this guitar to what you can see. The neck was snapped in two that i glued and sprayed over with a candy pink this Jackson was a super expensive guitar and worth the professional work, It was invisible were the break was and to this day is still performing and playing like it should. 
This job cost £200

Full rewire equiped with CTS 500k potenmtiometres a juicy capacitor And vintage Tweed wire.
i do alot of these jobs and the cost of this with CTS pots,Toggle,Tweed wire £50.00 pickups not included

A 1970s cort this was just a clean up it was covered in strickers and grime from all the years of playing in a punk band, so was just a case of old fashioned elbow grease rubbed down till it shined 
was setup and checked over 
Cost was £50.00 

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