Fender Stratocaster 1984 MAde in Japan

The Fender Stratocaster the worlds most sort after shape and brand 
this Japanese example is great and the quailty and craftman ship is superb.

this jet black strat has a great tone lots of sustain and a clean and clear sound 
The neck has a rosewood fret board and a C profile that is very fast.
all original hard ware from the japan factory standard stock pickups that sound fantastic
I had this on the bench for a rewire with Bare knuckle potentiometres and tweed wireing and upgraded vintage 47uf cap
This Guitar has a huge sound with overdrive and distortion a great all rounder.

Allmost had this for my self :D 


Squire mustang

The Squier Vintage Modified Mustang electric guitar is the first Mustang to be included in the Squier family. The classic features that made the model so beloved in its Fender form are present including the 24" scale, extensive pickup switching options, and vintage vibrato. These classic features have been included alongside modern appointments to make the model a must-have for every guitarist.
The Squier Vintage Modified Mustang is equipped with two Duncan Designed MU-102 single-coil pickups in the neck and bridge positions. Both pickups have independent on/off switches, as well as phase slider switches. As well as the this there are the standard master volume and master tone pots, and the entire setup offers enhanced tonal versatility, and allows for many different tones.


Fender Telecaster 1986 Made in Japan

Fender telecaster in black from the mid 80s E serial a great example of the tele quility from japan a traditional tele with maple neck in great shape gotoh tuners and all original wireing.
upgraded wireing is included in the sale
if wanted. heres a little history
In the late 1970s, Fender was facing competition from lower priced Japanese-made guitars. The higher priced Fender guitars were made in the United States and could not compete with the lower prices of Japanese-made Fender copies. In Japan, Fender was also losing sales to Japanese guitar brands such as Tōkai, Greco and Fernandes. Since Japanese labor and production costs were much lower than in America and to compete with the Japanese made guitars, Fender moved the lower priced Fender guitar production from America to Japan. Fender began negotiations with several Japanese musical instrument distributors.

In March 1982, Fender Japan, Ltd. was officially created as a joint-venture between Fender, Kanda Shokai (神田商会) and Yamano Gakki (山野楽器).


Squire Vintage modifided jaguar

An authentically styled Jaguar now joins the Vintage Modified family, with present-day touches including sharp, clear Duncan Designed pickups and a modern fingerboard radius. Squier's new Vintage Modified Jaguar rocks the model's distinctive hallmarks, too - such as the 24" scale, dual-circuit switching and controls, floating-vibrato bridge and classically colorful Surf Green, Candy Apple Red, Olympic White and Three-color Sunburst finishes.

Features include a maple neck with vintage-tint gloss finish, 9.5"-radius rosewood fingerboard with 22 medium jumbo frets and parchment dot inlays, tortoiseshell (Three-Color Sunburst and Olympic White models) and white-black-white pickguards (Candy Apple Red and Surf Green models), Jaguar single-coil pickups, circuit selector and tone circuit switches, pickup on/off switches, skirted black control knobs (lead circuit) and black disc knobs (rhythm circuit), vintage-style bridge and non-locking floating vibrato with vintage-style tremolo arm, vintage-style chrome tuners and chrome hardware.


ITALIA Torino 

Rockabilly, swing, jazz, blues, rock; you name it. The ITALIA Torino was born to play. Big-bodied with a ‘slim-line’ profile, loaded with Wilkinson WHHB Humbuckers, the Torino both looks and sounds the part. The Torino combines the warmth of a big hollow body with rich Humbucker pickups with a natural brightness from its maple body, back and sides to provide a rich range of tonal variation.
Colour: Black
Body: Maple – Semi-hollow
Neck: Hard Rock Maple – Set Neck
Frets: 22 Medium Jumbo
Bridge: Combination bridge with Italia Trapeze Tailpiece
Machine Heads: Italia Die-cast
Hardware Colour: Chrome
Pickups: 2 Wilkinson® WVC Double Coils
Controls: 2 Volume/ 1 Tone/ Master Volume/ 3-way Toggle Switch
Includes: Carry Bag


Alden Phantom

Alden Guitar company Phantasia phantom copy Alden derives from his name ALan David ENtwistle)

this phantom copy has the familiar jangly sound of the vox phantom, equiped with single coils and has had a full rewire with CTS pots for reliability.

has the bigsby tremolo and a five way switch for more tonal advantage. A great guitar to turn heads and great for standing up players.

also features a upgraded rolling bridge so theres no strain on the strings with bending and using the trem.

All guitars come fully setup to your standards.

The Alden Phantasia 


Epiphone Casino Mojo Pickups 

Epiphone has made a name for itself by producing some of the greatest and most innovative musical instruments for over 120 years. While models such as Masterbilts, Broadways, Wilshires, Coronets, Emperors and Texans are some of Epiphone's most memorable models, the Casino is arguably our most famous due to its close association with The Beatles.

The Epiphone Casino still has the same classic look, sound, and features that have made it the go-to guitar for two generations of artists including Paul McCartney, Paul Weller, Noel Gallagher, Keith Richards and Gary Clark, Jr.

This guitar has upgraded hand made mojo pickups in also with a upgraded rewire for reliability and funcionality 


Gibson SG cherry red 

Gibson SG Guitars are synonymous with all things rock n roll, and have been for over five decades. The likes of Angus Young, Pete Townshend and Ian MacKaye of Minor Threat have ensured that the SG has become a truly iconic guitar.


With a rich, deep sound that partners tonal clarity with superb sustain, the SG is often compared to a Les Paul, but with added bite. Slim line design means that the SG weighs significantly less than the Les Paul, as well as many other guitars.


The SG Special and SG Standard 


INDIE Telecaster 

Indie Guitar company was a british guitar company making affordable tour gear for bands, The indie brand made guitars in the epiphone factory in korea for a decade.

From time to time you still see theses guitars in the second hand section of guitar stores and pawn shops 
but dont let that misjudge your desicion there great guitar.

This tele is a bit flashy but can pack a punch with a humbucker on the bridge and a single coil on the neck a 3 way switch and a really fast neck.
photoflamed top alder body maple neck
and gold hard ware covering a flamed jet black body 


Ibanez FA 100    MADE IN JAPAN 

A Stunning guitar the Ibanez FA 100 Made early 80s this guitar is a true jazz and blues player really creamy tones and raws on the overdriven channles.

Body: Maple back and sides 
Top: Maple 
Neck: Three Piece Mahogany 
Fingerboard: Rosewood 
Bridge: Ebony bridge with FA tailpiece 
Pickups: Humbuckers 
Controls: 3 way switch, 2 Volume & 2 Tone controls 
Colour: Natural



Aria Pro ii Ts500 

A Tank of a Guitar nick Named the tone beast The aria Pro ii TS500 made in 1979 in the matsumoku factory in japan.
this guitar has a inbuilt fuzz circuit as well equiped with Two maxon humbuckers and a hard tail bridge 
its a 3 way switch with additional 6 way toggling,outerphase innerphase treble boost bass boost mid boost splitting 
you name it its probably got it on it ! 

this Guitar has seen some fights but has come out on the other side its bruised scratched and has some dings but dosnt effect the Guitar what so ever 
This Guitar is quite rare specialy in this country it comes with a NG vintage japanese Hard case fully setup with 11s and polished to shine.


Fender Stratocaster 1961 standard SOLD

solid alderbody in Olympic White (refin) ,
nice 1-piece mapleneck - small Pre-CBS headstock w/Spagettilogo,
Rosewood fretboard (slab board) with 21 frets 
Orig. clay dot inlays, upgraded or replaced 
3x original singlecoil pickups,repalced with seymor california single coils
3-ply greenish pickguard, 1x volume, 2x tone, 3x way switch,
Fender “synchronized” tremolo with 6x “Pat.nr.stamped” steelsaddles,


Fender JagStang 

The Jag-Stang was Kurt Cobain’s idea.

Arguably the greatest anti-hero in the history of electric guitar, Kurt Cobain (1967-1994) always liked Fender Jaguar® and Mustang® guitars, and it was his idea to fuse them into a single instrument, the Jag-Stang. He conveyed his ideas for the instrument to the Fender Custom Shop, which produced a couple prototype models in 1993, one of which the Nirvana singer/guitarist played on a few brief occasions late in his career. Fender carried on with plans for the instrument after Cobain’s death in April 1994, and Japanese-made production-model Jag-Stangs were introduced in early 1996.


Squire Stratocaster Made in Japan

Another great exsample from Japan the squire strat was well sort after in this period some say better than the fenders. 
this georgous red strat is a killer guitar for blues and rock n roll. it feels and plays like you wouldnt belive but dont take my word for it come in and try ot out and try it againts a fender,

Made 1980s E serial with reliable and long lasting potentiomentres and electrics the pickups are great and full of tone the neck feels very nice and slabby very good if you play with the thumb.


Squire vintage modified Jaguar 


Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar HH Electric Guitar - Fiesta Red

With its offset waist, contoured body, and 24" scale fast action neck, the new Vintage Modified Jaguar  gives a nod to its iconic forbearer but has other things going for it that make it truly 'modified'. The unique top-loading hardtail bridge features string saddles which are adjustable for intonation and designed to have a 9.5" radius when sitting flat on the bridge plate. The bridge is anchored at the rear of the plate while the front sits atop height adjustment screws which can be raised or lowered to achieve desired string height/action while subtle adjustment at the rear (anchor) achieves the correct bridge angle. The Jaguar HH is equipped with a set of Duncan Designed pickups which offer a multitude of "hot-rodded" humbucking tones. Other features include '62 Jazz Bass concentric volume/tone controls, vintage style tuners and a comfortable one-piece maple neck with rosewood fingerboard.



Epiphone Special ii

Epiphone's number one selling model LP Special II is a great way for beginners to get started on guitar while getting the feel and tone of a Les Paul. Seasoned pros also love the Special II because it's a great-sounding workhorse of a guitar that allows them to leave their more expensive axes at home.

The Epiphone LP Special II comes with our famous Epiphone Lifetime Limited Warranty featuring Gibson's 24/7/365 Customer Service that warrants your Les Paul Special II against defects in materials or workmanship. 


Vintage VS6V SG

This Vintage VS6V is one serisouly cool electric guitar, with that awesome, dazzling Gun Hill Blue finish and a vintage style Vibrola tremolo bridge it's a whole lot of guitar at an amazing price tag! For most styles this thing is great but it really comes alive if you want to play some hard rocking tunes or blues! Whether you're an absolute beginner or even a pro wanting to give a Vibrola bridge a go this guitar is great and will last for ages!

The Mahogany body makes the guitar a nice weight, very comfortable and highly resonant which aids its classic, full sound. The Mahogany neck and Rosewood fingerboard feel great to play and with the addition of those stunning Pearloid Crown inlays it just looks so good! The body's design makes it super easy to make use of all the 22 frets on offer, it's a great playing instrument!


Fender telecaster 1986 Made in JAPAN

A great guitar made by the japanese back in the early 80s Fender went over sea's to create some of the most sort after instruments to date the japanese fender range are superb guitars and basses, And now are very rare.

this is by far my favorite Tele in the shop please come down and try her out before it goes.
A very nice C profile neck with a natarul finish slight knocks here and there like expected from a old guitar but still a fantastic guitar waiting to get back on the stage.


Fender american standard Telecaster

The Fender Telecaster US built and a true work horse of rock n roll. A great player for most types of music For guitarists everywhere who appreciate great style, rich and versatile tone, and excellent value, the Standard Telecaster is an elegant and affordable classic with a great combination of traditional design and contemporary features. Time-honored Fender style and performance-minded modern upgrades don't have to break the bank, and this model delivers the best of both in an instrument ideal for Telecaster players everywhere at every level.


Epiphone lespaul goldtop 1956

The Epiphone Les Paul ’56 Goldtop is an incredible reincarnation of the guitar heard ‘round the world. When it was released in 1952, original advertisements for the Goldtop Les Paul read "designed by Les Paul and enthusiastically approved by top guitarists everywhere." Time has proven that to be an understatement! The Les Paul Goldtop was a radical design for its time. Even Gibson was so unsure of the model that at first, they hesitated putting the company name on the headstock.

Whenever Les visited Epiphone, he always got a kick out of telling us that story, especially since the hard work and sweat that went into his design was originally done under the roof of Epiphone in New York City.

Many musicians choose Epiphone for all their acoustic and electric needs thanks to our pioneering Limited Lifetime Warranty and Gibson 24/7/365 customer service. Make history today with the Les Paul ’56 Goldtop.


Epiphone lespaul standard 

Epiphone's history with legendary guitarist and innovator Les Paul dates back to the early 1940's when Les, working late at night at the Epiphone factory on 14th Street in New York City, created what might have been the world's first solidbody electric guitar, better known as "The Log." Over the years, Les continued to work closely with Epiphone luthiers reviewing new product ideas and offering suggestions. “Epiphone always made a good guitar,” Les often said.

The Les Paul Standard remains one of the most sought after guitars in the world 50 years since its first issue. Now, Epiphone's Les Paul Standard brings you the classic features and tone of Les’ invention with legendary Epiphone quality and value.

Players like Jimmy Page, Slash, Ace Frehley, Mark Knopfler, Zakk Wylde, Alex Lifeson and countless others rely on the unique tone of a Les Paul. And now, you too can experience the Les Paul Standard at a price that won't break the bank!

Epiphone LesPaul Black custom

The Les Paul Custom made its debut in 1954 after the initial success of the Les Paul Goldtop. Les Paul himself suggested black as a great color for a new Les Paul because it looked "classy" and went well with a tuxedo on stage. From that point on, the Les Paul Custom has often been referred to as the "tuxedo" Les Paul. And with its gold appointments, fully bound body, neck and headstock and pearloid inlays, we think you'll agree that the Epiphone Les Paul Custom is "dressed to kill".

And like every Epiphone, the Les Paul Custom features our Limited Lifetime Warranty backed by world famous 24/7/365 Gibson Customer Service. So put on your tuxedo and strap on an Epiphone Les Paul Custom today


PRS 245 SE


The SE 245 is the answer for players who grew up using short scale, single-cutaway guitars. The 24.5" scale length, Wide Fat neck is instantly comfortable, and the SE 245 treble and bass humbuckers with dual volume and dual tone controls give the SE 245 a classic voice that is eminently recordable and gig ready. Bird inlays and the new logo design come standard.
The SE 245 will cover all the tones you need in style.


PRS Tremonti SE

PRS SE Mark Tremonti Custom - Grey Black

Starting out as a small boutique in Annapolis Paul Reed Smith has grown his company over the years while maintaining the standards that make PRS a hit with the likes of Santana, Dave Navarro & Gary Grainger. With this signature model PRS have created a guitar that has individual character as well as all the classic features and tone you expect.

The Tremonti Custom continues to feature two humbuckers, each with their own volume and tone control, and a three-way pickup selector on the upper bout.



The Hofner Ignition Violin electric bass guitar in sunburst continues the fine tradition of crafting precision string instruments. Taking notes from their own 70s Violin Bass models, the Ignition is a fully hollowbody masterpiece, making the iconic model affordable so that many more musicians can get their hands on this coveted model. Built using on the finest tonewoods and equipped with superb appointments, this is a chance not to be missed - and if it’s good enough for Sir Paul McCartney, then surely it’s good enough for you.


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