Repair and set up service

So you have droped your guitar and something  gone wrong?

No problem we can fix it! Got a snapped neck? No problem! Wanting to cover up a scratch or bump?

Or just want a general setup and a clean up so your guitar can feel and sound as good as its supposed to? Bring it in and our experts can fix your guitar to a high standard and at a fair price. Prices start from as little as £10!

We  also do re-wiring and custom building, just let one of our guitar techs know what you're wanting and they can make your dream guitar in no time!


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  • Dan (Wednesday, September 16 20 06:49 pm BST)

    Guys Im after a set up on my epiphone les paul custom. can i have a price please I also have a epiphone sg400

  • Chris Millard (Wednesday, September 02 20 08:31 pm BST)

    Hi I am a beginner guitar player and I have been advised to get my guitar set up properly on multiple occasions. Can you please let me know if I can book it in! Cheers Chris

  • Bill Mathieso (Saturday, August 22 20 03:48 pm BST)

    Cost of 2 x250s replacement pots for Peavey bass guitar

  • Martin Haddock (Friday, August 21 20 04:04 pm BST)

    hello have an epiphone sheraton 2 with a faulty pick up selector...can you give me a rough quote to fix please.

  • Suzanne Hutt (Wednesday, August 19 20 12:48 pm BST)

    I've just acquired an acoustic guitar. I'm a complete beginner. However I have noticed if the action was lower it could be much more comfortable to practice on.
    Is this something you could do? If so can you please give a rough cost. Just put new stings on.

  • Garry (Friday, August 14 20 07:56 pm BST)

    Hi - got a relatively new ibanez acoustic. Feel the action could do with lowering. Any ball park figure for how much it would be and how long it'd be with you?

  • Shaun (Wednesday, July 15 20 06:55 am BST)

    Just bought an ibanez gsr 180 and think it needs new strings and maybe set up can you advice how much this would be please

  • Billy (Tuesday, July 07 20 11:14 am BST)

    Hi! Got an epiphone sheraton ii and the pickup selector wiring is playing up. Also ive got massive issues with tuning so think the nut might need changing. A general once over would be welcome too i think!

  • Megan (Wednesday, July 01 20 04:40 pm BST)

    Brought a electric guitar - strings old and snapped , needing replacing. Is there any chance you could help

  • Daniele (Sunday, June 28 20 06:03 pm BST)

    Hello, i would like to adjust the action on my new acoustic guitar. Can i get an approximate cost? Thank you.

  • Kevin Smith (Saturday, June 27 20 08:50 pm BST)

    Hi, I have an ovation acoustic needing a partial refret (maybe first five frets). Is this practical and what would be tge approximate cost.

  • Liz (Monday, June 22 20 09:36 am BST)

    Hi, I have a SG Lion Electric Guitar and the neck is broken. Is this something you could fix?

  • Mark Armstrong (Wednesday, June 10 20 10:59 am BST)

    Are you able to fit I a pick up I have bought to my acoustic guitar?

  • Zach Stringfellow (Friday, May 29 20 01:03 am BST)

    Hi do you do the restring set up with truss rod adjustment if so how much thanks

  • Stephen Oddy (Thursday, May 28 20 09:02 pm BST)

    Hay I've just got a new Ibanez Prestige RG5121 on mail order. It's a gorgeous guitar but obviously needs setting up properly and restringing. Are you guys available to do this? If so how much would it be if I supply the string? Thanks in advance.

  • Rob (Monday, February 24 20 10:11 am GMT)

    I have a brand new Schecter Reaper-7. I've replaced the horrible factory strings, but it could do with a full set up (truss, intonation, etc). Can you assist?

  • Oliver (Tuesday, February 04 20 08:39 pm GMT)

    Hi there, I have an Ibanez S420 that needs a restring, I cannot figure out how to do this myself nor could a local guitar shop, if you can help me could you get in touch? Thank you

  • Craig (Wednesday, January 22 20 12:51 pm GMT)

    Hi, I have a Jackson Flying V with Floyd Rose pickups which hasn't been used in over 10 years.
    How much would it be to give it a once over and restring it? I think it's also missing a few volume/tone knobs.

  • Dave (Tuesday, December 17 19 07:22 pm GMT)


    I have an ibanez sr400 bass, I've new strings on, but it badly needs a full setup.

    How much do you charge for this? Do I need to book it in for you, or can I drop in unannounced?


  • craig (Friday, December 13 19 02:55 pm GMT)

    Hello, how much to alter the neck angle with a tapered shim please, its an AXL strat copy, and as such, I'm not wanting to spend a fortune on it. Cheers

  • Ade (Wednesday, November 27 19 03:01 pm GMT)

    Price please to set up a new Les Paul copy.

  • Gary Adams (Wednesday, November 06 19 10:00 pm GMT)


    I have a sterling by musicman Luke Lk100.

    Could you give me a quote to do the following:-
    Change both humbucking pickups (I have the new pickups).
    Change the current gauge strings from 10’s to 9’s.
    Set the trem up, so that it floats.

  • Chris Burns (Wednesday, September 25 19 03:50 pm BST)

    Hi there,

    I have an acoustic suffering from what I believe might be a warped neck, I get fret buzz on only the 1st 2 frets. Would it be possible to get a rough quote for a fix?

    Thank you.

  • Nathan (Tuesday, August 13 19 09:12 pm BST)

    I have an active output bass guitar which is not outputting anything. Is this something you can help with?

  • Jake Bailes (Monday, August 12 19 08:16 pm BST)

    Hi. How much do you charge for a full setup on a Floyd rose fitted guitar?
    And roughly how long is the waiting time?


  • Fyonna (Thursday, August 08 19 08:33 pm BST)

    Could you give me an estimate of what it costs to fix a pick up on an electro accoustic Takamine please

  • Gerry Williams (Saturday, July 27 19 09:36 pm BST)

    Hi there
    I have started on the long road of learning to play.
    I have a Vintage V-100 'LP Likey' it!
    But want it set up right, by people who know how.... that's clearly you.
    Is it possible to give me a rough cost? Oh, the guitar is totally new,

  • Chris Pratt (Thursday, July 11 19 05:36 pm BST)

    I've put together a Strat but the neck holes don't quite match up with the body so the high E string is too close to the edge of the fretboard and keeps pinging off. How much would it cost to have the neck holes filled and re-drilled and to have the guitar set up?

  • Ian (Wednesday, July 10 19 02:30 pm BST)

    Hi, I’m looking for a tremolo arm for a squire fender strat

  • Daniel (Saturday, July 06 19 09:22 am BST)

    I’m looking at replacing a bone nut on a squier jaguar.

    How much would that cost, plus how long would the repair take please?

  • Oliver (Sunday, June 16 19 04:48 pm BST)

    Just bought (my first) bass. An Encore blaster p-bass. Not sure how to set up.

  • James (Sunday, May 19 19 01:16 pm BST)

    Hi - I’ve put together a strat from parts, I’ve got the pickups and pots in the scratchplate and the input jack in - they just need wiring up. Is this something you could do? Thanks!

  • Rob Brown (Wednesday, May 15 19 04:12 pm BST)

    I have a vintage black Yamaha SG2000 which needs some TLC. Body dents/scratches need repairing, new bridge, maybe new pickups. Id like it to be reconditioned as close to original (new) condition as poss. Would you be able to give me a ball park price - i appreciate you would need to see it to be accurate but a typical repair / recondition price would be appreciated. Thanks, Rob

  • Alex Wathen (Sunday, May 12 19 12:21 am BST)

    Hi, im getting some fret buzz from the first fret of my ibanez rg How much would it be to sort this?

  • Zack Whitehead (Saturday, April 20 19 01:14 pm BST)

    Could you do a respray in a rickenbacker midnight blue kind of colour?

  • Sarah (Monday, April 08 19 08:15 am BST)

    Can you fit a strap to my daughters guitar please, I think it’s 3/4 size. I’d appreciate it this week if poss while she’s of fir Easter, would you have an idea of price please if you can. Thanks

  • Martyn (Saturday, March 16 19 04:19 pm GMT)

    Hi just got a fender mustang and would like a service, won’t stay in tune etc.
    Can you let me know options please.

  • Tom Chester (Tuesday, January 15 19 03:55 pm GMT)

    I have a vintage semi acoustic with wiring issues. It will need the guts taking out. Can you help? What days are you open?

  • michael weston (Thursday, November 01 18 10:28 am GMT)

    I have a small dint by a sharp object at the back of guitar body. Can you fill and recoat

  • Casey (Monday, June 11 18 08:52 pm BST)

    How about a matte finish, like on the guitar here:

    Or the gloss finish like this one:

  • Tom (Thursday, May 24 18 08:46 am BST)

    also for paint work i generally revfinish a guitar any color for £100.00 for a gloss finish.

  • Tom (Thursday, May 24 18 08:44 am BST)

    yeah sure do refinishing is what im doing mostly theses days give me a ring :D

  • Casey (Wednesday, May 23 18 11:59 am BST)

    Hi there, I am thinking about getting my Westone Mockingbird repainted. The red is chipping and I wondered if it'd be possible to make it look like a Bc Rich Mocking Pro X with the black and gold matte finish?
    Thank you

  • Liam Ainger (Friday, April 13 18 02:44 pm BST)

    Hi guys,

    Hope you're well.

    I'm toying with the idea of having my Mexican Standard Telecaster repainted, from sunburst to a walnut colour. Is this something you would be able to do?

    If so, how much?



  • Miss Davinia Burkinshaw (Wednesday, April 11 18 08:50 pm BST)

    HThe saddle of the bridge electric acoustic has come off. Looks to just be glued on origianlly. Is this something you could repair?

  • JJ (Friday, March 09 18 11:25 pm GMT)

    How much is dent filling about an inch across? Also can you estimate a total respray for a bass?

  • Luke (Wednesday, March 07 18 05:14 pm GMT)


    Just wondered how much it would cost to give my bass a bit of a service? There’s a bit of string buzz, and I can’t seem to get rid of it, so wondered if you could help!

    Also, how long would it take, and do you know how much a basic service would cost me?

  • Marcus Taylor (Sunday, March 04 18 02:23 pm GMT)

    I have an Ibanez s series. Would I be able to arrange to get a new setup on this guitar. What sort of price would this be.

  • Dean Bargh (Tuesday, January 16 18 05:04 pm GMT)

    Hi. Planning to order a Fishman Rare Earth Blend Acoustic Guitar pickup. Could you fit it into a Yamaha FG-335 for me (by which I mean drill a hole and secure the output jack socket part of it)? How much would you charge?

  • tom (Thursday, May 18 17 10:53 am BST)

    its usually destruct in store and how bad the damage is because set up correctly and maybe a slight stone could add years to it ring us graham

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