Repair and set up service

So you have droped your guitar and something  gone wrong?

No problem we can fix it! Got a snapped neck? No problem! Wanting to cover up a scratch or bump?

Or just want a general setup and a clean up so your guitar can feel and sound as good as its supposed to? Bring it in and our experts can fix your guitar to a high standard and at a fair price. Prices start from as little as £10!

We  also do re-wiring and custom building, just let one of our guitar techs know what you're wanting and they can make your dream guitar in no time!

If your guitar feels tired, worn out and sounds sluggish its time for a setup!


Guitarshack guitar techs can get your instruments ringing in less than a hour. We have been repairing instruments for over 5 years. We set up instruments to your requiments and prices start from as little as £20!


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  • Tom Chester (Tuesday, January 15 19 03:55 pm GMT)

    I have a vintage semi acoustic with wiring issues. It will need the guts taking out. Can you help? What days are you open?

  • michael weston (Thursday, November 01 18 10:28 am GMT)

    I have a small dint by a sharp object at the back of guitar body. Can you fill and recoat

  • Casey (Monday, June 11 18 08:52 pm BST)

    How about a matte finish, like on the guitar here:

    Or the gloss finish like this one:

  • Tom (Thursday, May 24 18 08:46 am BST)

    also for paint work i generally revfinish a guitar any color for £100.00 for a gloss finish.

  • Tom (Thursday, May 24 18 08:44 am BST)

    yeah sure do refinishing is what im doing mostly theses days give me a ring :D

  • Casey (Wednesday, May 23 18 11:59 am BST)

    Hi there, I am thinking about getting my Westone Mockingbird repainted. The red is chipping and I wondered if it'd be possible to make it look like a Bc Rich Mocking Pro X with the black and gold matte finish?
    Thank you

  • Liam Ainger (Friday, April 13 18 02:44 pm BST)

    Hi guys,

    Hope you're well.

    I'm toying with the idea of having my Mexican Standard Telecaster repainted, from sunburst to a walnut colour. Is this something you would be able to do?

    If so, how much?



  • Miss Davinia Burkinshaw (Wednesday, April 11 18 08:50 pm BST)

    HThe saddle of the bridge electric acoustic has come off. Looks to just be glued on origianlly. Is this something you could repair?

  • JJ (Friday, March 09 18 11:25 pm GMT)

    How much is dent filling about an inch across? Also can you estimate a total respray for a bass?

  • Luke (Wednesday, March 07 18 05:14 pm GMT)


    Just wondered how much it would cost to give my bass a bit of a service? There’s a bit of string buzz, and I can’t seem to get rid of it, so wondered if you could help!

    Also, how long would it take, and do you know how much a basic service would cost me?

  • Marcus Taylor (Sunday, March 04 18 02:23 pm GMT)

    I have an Ibanez s series. Would I be able to arrange to get a new setup on this guitar. What sort of price would this be.

  • Dean Bargh (Tuesday, January 16 18 05:04 pm GMT)

    Hi. Planning to order a Fishman Rare Earth Blend Acoustic Guitar pickup. Could you fit it into a Yamaha FG-335 for me (by which I mean drill a hole and secure the output jack socket part of it)? How much would you charge?

  • tom (Thursday, May 18 17 10:53 am BST)

    its usually destruct in store and how bad the damage is because set up correctly and maybe a slight stone could add years to it ring us graham

  • Graham Sanders (Monday, May 15 17 01:55 pm BST)

    1977 Fender Telecaster Rosewood Fretboard.
    Could you give me a price to re fret the guitar

    Thanks very much


  • tom (Friday, May 05 17 10:01 am BST)

    we charge 10 pounds for restringing terin

  • Terin Dorrian (Monday, February 06 17 09:30 am GMT)

    Hello, Could you please tel me how much it costs to restring an electric guitar?



  • ross (Friday, January 06 17 02:49 pm GMT)

    liam yes we will be able to certainly bring it on in mate

  • Liam Ainger (Tuesday, November 15 16 01:01 pm GMT)

    Hi there,

    I've got a Sigma JM-45SG Acoustic at the minute but I would like lighter strings on and the action lowering a bit. Would you be able to do this for me this week?



  • John Wardle (Wednesday, July 27 16 05:34 pm BST)

    Hi, came to collect my Saxon acoustic this afternoon but shop closed, will collect next week

  • Liam Brooks (Friday, May 13 16 02:08 pm BST)


    I got my hands on an epiphone SG in a swap and it has had a mystery repair on the neck. It seems like a solid repair but it does look a little messy. I was thinking about my options as I do quite
    like the guitar but I might just sell it for parts. I was thinking I might smooth it out myself and re-finish the section so it looks tidy. I was also looking into the chance of getting a new neck
    for the instrument. I am asking around for advice so I can make a plan.

  • ross (Monday, April 11 16 04:41 pm BST)

    yes craig no problem drop it on by and we will get our wiz kid on it

  • Craig Hay (Sunday, April 10 16 09:10 pm BST)

    Hi. I've got a 6 string electro acoustic epiphone guitar with a broken bridge and a couple damaged frets. Was wondering if this was something I could drop in after work one day for repairs

  • Tom Jackson (Tuesday, March 22 16 05:03 pm GMT)

    check !

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